Whether reminding customers of your business or promoting new products, services or events, direct mail is a cost-effective strategy for brand awareness. We help our clients make a personal connection with effective direct mail marketing. With many choices of direct mail products available, our consultants guide our clients to the best solution for the situation.  From concept through production, we make sure your message and brand are delivered on time and on budget.   

Graphic Connections Traditional Letter Envelope

Traditional Letter Envelope

Most common type of direct mail. Package involves the standard envelope enclosed with a letter and a response form, such as a donation form. Can also include additional pieces such as brochures, flyers, or announcements. The letter and any additional mail pieces within the package are customized to match the preferences of your members and donors. Often considered one of the most effective direct mailing types.

Graphic Connections Newsletters


Most effective with existing members and donors as they keep your supporters abreast of what is happening with your organization. Compared to other types of mail, newsletters are fairly inexpensive to produce. 

Graphic Connections Self-Mailer


A type of direct mail sent without the envelope. Self-mailers are typically inexpensive and usually involve one piece that is folded to a smaller or “envelope-like” size. Can utilize variable data printing to customize self-mailer pieces. There are a variety of styles you can choose from when crafting a self-mailer piece.

Graphic Connections Postcards


Postcards range in size. Visually-appealing and can contain short, personalized messages, photos, and graphics. Variable data printing on postcards will make them unique to each recipient. Great for intriguing new members and for keeping your current members engaged and in support of your organization.

Graphic Connections Catalogs and Magazines

Catalogs – Magazines

Used to acquire more donations or donors for your organization, catalogs can be an effective type of direct mail. Though the initial printing of booklets containing a specific amount of pages may be costly, in the end, catalogs can prove to be a great fundraiser for your organization and important causes. Great way to acquire new members and keep the support of your existing members.

Graphic Connections New Product Kits

New Products Kits

New product promotional or “launch” kits are collections of marketing collateral and product samples.  The primary benefit is to put your product front and center with the people who you want to see it most, rather than waiting for them to find it on their own.