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Graphic Connections warehousing and fulfillment is not just a service; it is a complete turnkey solution. With temperature-controlled space and state-of-the-art inventory system, we manage products, kitting and fulfillment for companies throughout the United States. By utilizing our custom front-end e-store solution, clients can have complete access to real time data, orders and inventory status, allowing for better cost containment and product management.

Streamline all your product kitting and fulfillment needs with Graphic Connections.

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Case studies

Graphic Connections case studies show how we take kitting and fulfillment to the next level with innovative ideas that are specifically curated for each of our clients. We do more than order branded product and package the items for shipping. We listen to the client, consult, and find the best way to fulfill a project within budget.

Kitting and Fulfillment Case Studies:  

A shoe manufacturer wanted to send kits to each salesperson filled with items to show the traction, non-slip performance of the tread on their safety shoes. We were challenged with making a kit that was small and easily carried by the sales force. Instead of carrying all three shoes, we made paddles with the treads of each shoe which saved space and weight of the kit. The tread paddles were used to demonstrate the superior traction on a greased tile compared to their competitor’s product. A small container of grease, a square ceramic tile and cleaning cloth were also included in this kit. Each kitted bag was embroidered with the company logo and distributed to their sales force across the country.

A Process Performance Kit containing a wide variety of items was designed and kitted by the Graphic Connections warehouse and produced on our wide format printers. A collaboration of our creative team and warehouse manager determined how to produce and configure the items in a kit that could be shipped to all the locations for display.  These items included magnetic chart jackets, acrylic holders, printed cards, a dry erase poster cling, magnetic headers for metal boards, and pushpins. The magnetic headers and dry erase clings were produced inhouse to the specifications of the client and rolled into a tube within the kit to prohibit creasing or shipping damage. The distribution and production of the materials for this project saved our client’s valuable time and stayed within budget. 

A logistics company with over three hundred locations wanted us to produce an on-boarding kit for their new hire employees. We offered several options within the budget of the client. It was important for the package to include items that would make the new employee feel welcome and included. It contained drinkware and a lanyard that could be used while at work along with a few other fun items. We kitted these items inside a sling backpack instead of disposable containers. All items were branded with the company logo and easily available on a storefront designed and managed by Graphic Connections.

Employee recognition motivates employees and makes them feel appreciated. We produced custom acrylic awards in the shape of the client’s logo. Acrylic made it less fragile for shipping and less weight for shipping cost. The logistics of the project included years of service awards distributed to over 1400 employees personalized with their name, years of service with a personal note from their CEO. We packaged and shipped each award to locations across the USA to be given out at each location’s yearly event recognizing their committed team members.

A textile company needed a well-designed print package to give out to prospective clients at trade show events. They had several product lines with specific differences and options of fabric. We produced pocket folders, custom stickers, brochures, and flyers that were assembled in a way that each item could easily be seen when the pocket folder was opened. In addition to printed products, Graphic Connections produced separated clear tubing that showed the different stages of how the fabric was manufactured from recycled water bottles. 

We distribute to over 500 customer locations annually throughout North America.