Keep your Students Engaged

Keep your students engaged, whether in person or virtual, with this great branded apparel! Message us and let us know if you need any!  

Smooth The Transition With These Employee Gifts

Going back to the office workplace may make have some employees feeling a little anxious, but gifts for staying healthy can help them feel at ease. Learn More:

Roll Up Water Bottle

Rollin’ it up on today’s #PromoErrday! Brandon Pecharich shows us how to stay hydrated with the Roll Up Water Bottle from KTI Promo!

Recycled Water Bottles

Our Sales Consultant, Allen Michael, was challenged to develop a way for his client to display how their product evolves from recycled water bottles to finished fabric. Using stackable branded canisters, his client can show the stages of product transition while promoting their company. Thinking outside the box with innovations to meet our clients’ needs […]

Carhartt Tees

Need Carhartt tees for your crew? We’ve got you covered! Contact us at or call 336.992.0600

The Power of the Pen

Don’t dismiss something as simple and ubiquitous as a branded pen. Considering each generates about 3,000 impressions over its nine-month life—and the fact that more than half of people say they’re more likely to do business with brands who share promotional writing tools—the low out-of-pocket cost makes this one a simple, strategic slam dunk.

Digital Catalogs

We want to make corporate gift giving easy for you! Visit our site to browse our digital catalogs and contact us at for an order and we’ll take care of the rest!

Mardi Gras Promo Items

Are you ready for Mardi Gras? Contact us! hashtag#mardi hashtag#areyouready hashtag#february hashtag#events hashtag#sales hashtag#tradeshows hashtag#cheers hashtag#parties hashtag#marketing hashtag#brandingsolutions hashtag#gras

Reusable Plastic Bags

With the movement of banning plastic bags in effect, make sure to stock up on some custom reusable bags for your trips to the grocery store!