The Three Rules Of Customer Gifting

It’s important to say thank you, especially after a year like 2020. We can help you find the right gift for clients or employees. Contact us at

New Gifting Rules

Two simple words that go a really long way. Saying thanks with a special customer gift keeps you top of mind and lets them know that you not only value their business, but also your relationship. Customer appreciation is also good for the bottom line. A recent LinkedIn study estimates that acquiring a new customer can be up to 10 times more expensive than keeping a current one. Better make sure yours feel the love.

If you’re new to customer gifting, or maybe stuck in a gift rut, here are a few simple, fundamental rules to consider when you’re deciding how to show your appreciation:

Watch Trends, Mix It Up

Do you give your customers the same fruit basket every year? Is it sending the message that you simply go through the motions and that you might be a little stuck in the past? It’s time to check the trends and try something new. When you step away from the status quo and find something trendy and new, your recipient is more likely to use (and remember) the gift.

How about the gift of high-quality apparel? Just make sure it’s something they’ll actually want to wear. Look for something current, and stylish. Avoid a plain old cotton tee in favor of a V-neck made with a cozy, tri-blend fabric. You’ll surely be remembered while they’re wearing your gift to the gym all year long.

Be Thoughtful, Make Life Easier

How well do you know your customers? Even if you aren’t the sharing family photos kind of close, you probably know a little about what their work life is like. This insight, coupled with some thoughtfulness, can help you select a gift that makes their day-to-day lives a little easier or a little more fun.

For example, if you’re customers are road warriors, consider some gifts that make living out of a suitcase or running through airports a little easier. A compact, folding Bluetooth keyboard can make answering emails a breeze without having to take your laptop out of your bag. An underseat suitcase that helps you avoid baggage claim area and overhead bins is a lifesaver.

Give Back, Share A Story

Consider making your gift about more than a product with your logo on it. A gift with a positive story attached can really make a customer feel special. Since interest in eco-friendly and socially-conscious products has never been greater, these products have become seriously popular gifts.

There are tons of options when looking for a a gift that gives back. A Welly Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler, is more than an awesome bottle. Welly sales support efforts to build wells in areas without clean water. In addition, PCNA’s EcoSmart program has everything from backpacks made with recycled water bottles, to recycled cotton totes that make perfect gift bags.

The Bottom Line

No matter what gift you choose, if it’s on-trend, thoughtful and useful, it’s sure to deliver the thanks and appreciation your customer deserves.